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  • Qing Shui Qiao Road,315040 Hi tech Zone

Architecture Hardware

Manufacture process: casting, forging, die casting, stamping, and precision machining

Available Material:Iron,brass, copper alloy, stainless steel.( (303.304 316 316L) carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, , plastic and so on.

Available surface treatment: coating, plating, hot dip galvanizing,polishing,dull brushed,shot.sand,blast blasting passivation, anodizing, phosphate coating.

Main products: such as door handles, stairs, balustrade,handrail parts door & window metalware, bed parts, desk parts, door locks, cable locks, door closers, hinges, Knob,glass door fittings, furniture decorative metalware,height adjuster, bathroom accessories, Swimming pool fence parts ect.