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CNC Milling, Machining


Most of cast and forged parts require machining as the finishing cut. GP is equipped with CNC machines, lathes, milling machines, boring machines and other equipment for the quality final stage of metal part manufacturing. Our CNC machining center can handle tolerances of +/-0.002mm.

Available Material: gray iron(From GG10 to GG35) ductile iron (from GGG40 to GGG80) brass, copper alloy, stainless steel.( (303.304 316 316L) carbon steel, alloy steel, aluminum, titanium, plastic and so on.


Material removal processes
•    Mechanical
•    Single-point cutting
•    Turning
•    Planing and shaping
•    Multi-point cutting
•    Milling
•    Drilling
•    Broaching
•    Sawing
•    Abrasive machining
•    Grinding
•    Honing
•    Lapping
•    Ultrasonic machining
•    Abrasive jet machining
•    Chemical
•    Chemical machining

  • Laser cutting
    •    Electrochemical machining (ECM)
    •    Thermal
    •    Torch cutting
    •    Electrical discharge machining (EDM)
    •    High energy beam machining

Available Dimension: from 1mm to 300mm

Available surface treatment: coating, plating, hot dip galvanizing,passivation, anodizing, phosphate coating.

Main products: water pump housings and impellers, cars, trucks,  boats, accessories, automotive exhaust manifolds, Hydraulic pneumatic elements, valve body parts,axle shafts etc. These components are manufactured to out customers’ specifications provided in forms of blueprint files or samples.