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Die-casting is similar to permanent mold casting, except in case of die casting, metal is injected into the mold under high pressure of 10-210Mpa (1,450-30,500) PSI. This results in a more uniform part, generally good surface finish and good dimensional accuracy, as close as 0.2 % of casting dimension. For many parts, post-machining can be totally eliminated, or very light machining may be required to bring dimensions to size.

The Process

The molten metal is injected into the tooling under pressure. This results in a more homogeneous part, generally good surface finish and good dimensional accuracy, compared to that achieved using conventional casting methods. A result of this is the significant reduction in the requirement for post casting processing to achieve the required final configuration.

The process cycle has 5 main steps.

Clamping:- The cleaned and lubricated 2 halves of the die are clamped together inside the production machine.

Injection:- Of the shot (a predetermined volume) of molten metal at high pressure into the die.

Cooling:- The solidification of the shot in the die cavity adopting the desired final shape.

Ejection:- Of the casting from the die cavity.

Trimming:- The excess material from casting

Available material: Alloys of Aluminum, Magnesium, Zinc, Copper, Lead & Tin are the materials widely used in die-casting.

Most of die casting products should be processed or manufactured into components or a finished product for end using.

Available surface treatments: polishing, coating, plating, passivation, anodizing.

Main products : automobile and motorcycle engine cases, cylinder blocks, crankshafts, clutch housings ,variable transmission cases, transmission cases , oil plate, cylinder heads, timing chain covers, fuel tank, cars, trucks,  boats  accessories, ,rings seals,Hydraulic pneumatic elements, valve body parts,water and oil pump housings, textile machinery, electronic and lamp housings, , and other applications of die-casting aluminum products.