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Pressings, Stampings,Bending

Pressings, Stampings,bending is the process of forming metals using pressure into the surface of a metal, usually a strip or sheet.

This is done with dedicated tooling also known as hard tooling. This type of tooling is used to make high volume parts of one configuration of part design. By contrast, soft tooling is used in processes such as CNC turret presses, laser profilers and press brakes. All these processes can be done either at a single die station, or multiple die stations — performing a progression of operations, known as a progressive die.

GP  are able to offer a variety of metal pressings including:

Metal pressing
Deep drawn pressing
Multi-stage coil-fed progression forming

Available Materials: carbon steel,iron,Aluminum,stainless steel (303 304 316 316L), brass, copper.etc

Available weight: from 0.05kg to 5 kg

Available surface treatments: coating, plating, hot dip galvanizing,passivation, and phosphate coating.

Main products: water pump impellers, pump plates/covers, street lamp parts. Car truck parts,These components are manufactured to out customers’ specifications provided in forms of blueprint files or samples.